Apiary Education Day

Here’s your chance to get some hands-on, basic experience. We will have small group sessions covering:

Tool Basics

  • Smokers- best fuel, best technique for lighting a smoker, smoker fire safety, and rationing the fuel for the planned inspection time.
  • Hive tools – How to use.
  • Suits and gloves – Being safe during the summer months.
  • Boxes and frames – Deeps/Medium boxes, plastic frames vs wooden frames.

Inspection Basics

  • What to look for before opening your hive.
  • Inside the box from the top to the bottom – things to look for.
  • Bee Talk – Explain the sounds that happy bees make during an inspection.

OA Pads

We will be demonstrating preparation of Oxalic Acid pads. This is Randy Oliver’s Extended Release OA mite treatment in use at the GBA Apiary. We will make up 30 doses so you can take some home.

  • Please bring a pair of safety goggles if you would like to watch the preparation up close.
  • We will have some zip-lock bags ready if you would like to take some for your bees.
All current GBA members are welcome!

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