Apiary Meeting Saturday

Here’s your chance to practice the hive inspection skills we introduced last meeting, and meet a new group of people interested in bees.

We will be hosting Kim Sakamoto and a group of teachers at the apiary.

  • You can share your passion for bees with this group of bee-curious people.  We might  get some of them interested in coming to the apiary for future meetings to join us.

Hive inspections

  • We found some queenless hives during our last apiary meeting.  We’ve taken steps to correct this, so we need to verify that it worked.   We’ll check all the hives to verify we can find the queen or at least eggs and brood (a key skill you will want to practice).
  • We know that the area around the apiary can run low on food sources in the summer/fall.  We will check all the hives to verify they are still bringing in nectar, and accumulating honey.  If they aren’t, we will need to start feeding the bees.  You will want to know how to make this assessment when caring for your own hives.

Varroa treatment with OA Pads

We found mites at our last apiary meeting, and we even found a few bees with Deformed Wing Virus.  We’ll be treating all the hives with new OA pads to try and get the mite loads back under control.

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