Author name: James Haskell

GBA Communications Director


Let’s get together! We’re having a club potluck Saturday, June 8th at noon. The Groen’s have generously provided their wonderful barn in San Martin.

April General Meeting

Notes and the recording of the GBA April General Meeting are here. It was wide-ranging meeting centered around our early spring weather, and the unusual behavior from our bees.

Insect Merit Badge

GBA is hosting some Scout Troops soon. They are working on their Insect Merit Badge. These are dedicated Scouts! It takes a lot of work to be awarded this badge.

Coe Park Tarantula Festival

Come to the Coe Park Tarantula Fest and rub elbows (so to speak) with some of our fuzzy, friendly eight-legged guests of honor. The event is held at the headquarters

More Nucs!

The bees and their beekeeper helpers got busy, and we now have some additional Nucs for sale! Click here to reserve a Nuc or two! They will go fast, so

March Meetings

The Board and General Meetings were held March 5, 2024. Members: see here for meeting recordings and further information. General Meeting Swarm Catching Class Saturday, March 9th at 10AM at

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