Becoming a Beekeepers Class

Ever wondered how to become a beekeeper?

Join our free class and find out what you need to get started! No prior experience necessary, this course is designed to help anyone considering caring for their own bees.

We will explain the necessary tools, hive components, and safety gear. You will learn the difference between starting your colony with a bee package vs a nuc. And build up your understanding of what to expect throughout the beekeeping year. Finally, the most important thing to take away is where you can go for help when you don’t know what to do. We scheduled this class before the holidays so you can treat yourself with the gift of bee supplies and a future hive!

Gilroy Beekeepers Association (GBA) has been supporting local hobby beekeepers and bringing those curious about bees together for over 20 years. Our members range from experienced beekeepers to complete newbies. Members benefit from regular meetings, access to great speakers and training opportunities like this one – the ideal combination for learning and sharing about beekeeping.

Class Was Held:
– Thursday, Oct 26, 7-8 PM:  Zoom
– Saturday, Oct 28, 9-11 AM:  Hands-On at GBA Apiary,

Cost:  FREE!

We will be covering:

We plan on offering similar classes over this winter and early spring. Please check our website for future classes. 

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