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How to set up and populate your own hives. Honeybees and native pollinators. IPM principles, controlling Varroa, hive beetles, and other pests. Our mission, history, and who’s who in the […]


Pollinators Pollinator friendly plants and tips to support the bees. Apiary GBA has an Apiary outside Gilroy! Take a look. Check past and upcoming events.


Useful Info Equipment suppliers, bee and queen suppliers, local and national beekeeping organizations, etc. Meetings Information and archives of club meetings. Photos & Video Photos and video of club events,


Hive Health Disease and pest prevention and management. Varroa How to control the pervasive Varroa mite. OA Pads We have had excellent results managing Varroa with Extended Release OA pads.


Ordinances Local ordinances about keeping bees. Register your bees to prevent unwanted pesticide applications. Getting Started How to get started with beekeeping. Equipment, budget, installation, maintenance, etc. Useful Info Equipment

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Membership Support GBA and become a member. Contact Us Have a question about GBA? Help! Unsure about something happening in your hive? Meetings Information and archives of club meetings. Reservations

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