Getting Started – Budget

Approximate budget (2022): Suit and gloves $100-250 Smoker & fuel $40-65 Hive stand $0-100  10 frame beginner kits $200-250 Misc $100 Bees $200-300 Total $700-1100

Hive Beetles

Hive Beetles generally do little damage, and are rarely considered a serious pest. Hive beetles love pollen substitute. Be judicious when feeding pollen sub. Recommendation: try a couple of 2" … Continue reading Hive Beetles


Sources • “The Beekeepers Handbook, 4th Edition”, by Dianna Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile. • “Homegrown Honey Bees, An Absolute Beginners Guide”, by Aletha Morrison. Definitions Absconding - When bees abandon … Continue reading Vocabulary