Varroa Treatments

Resources The following videos are highly recommended. Randy Oliver maintains a large apiary in Grass Valley, CA. His climate and conditions are similar to ours, unlike many other videos and

Tips on Varroa

Varroa is a big challenge for all of us. Do you have any tips or techniques that have worked well for you? Take a moment and share with your fellow

Other Pests

Yellow Jackets Yellow Jackets prey on both bees and their honey stores. In spring and summer, they collect insects and carrion to feed to their larvae. The adults don’t eat

Oxalic Acid Vaporization

We do not recommend OA vaporization. It is very dangerous to breath. You MUST wear a special chemical respirator. It requires many sequential treatments to be effective. It does not

Oxalic Acid Pads

OA acid pads are not approved for use by the FDA or EPA. More information about OA Pads can be found here: Randy Oliver’s Latest Work (November 2021) Honey Bee

Oxalic Acid Dribble

From BetterBee: Oxalic Acid Dribble is a method that uses oxalic acid mixed with sugar syrup. It is applied using a large syringe to squirt the mixture onto the bees


Hopguard is manufactured by BetaTec. BetaTec research has discovered a natural hop compound that is highly effective in combating Varroa. HopGuard® II and HopGuard 3 are scientifically-proven natural Varroa control

Formic Pro

FORMIC PRO™ causes mortality to both male and female varroa under the brood cap as well as to the varroa on the adult bees. FORMIC PRO™ is to be used

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