GBA Bylaws

Description An introduction describing the reason for the proposed change, and an overview of the changes. Changes The following shows only the section of the current GBA Bylaws that is […]

Mentors and Support

Gilroy Beekeepers Association is an Educational Non-Profit Organization (501c3). Part of our mission is to support folks with beekeeping, and with establishing and maintaining their own hives, or adopting a


Create and deliver classes. Potential audiences: The general public, to generate interest in honeybees, beekeeping, and pollinators. People are very curious about bees and pollinators, and what is inside those white


Please read the Initiative Process. Classes Apiary Nuc Sales Fund Raising Fairs and Festivals

Initiative Process

Membership has been declining over the last several years. Most members are minimally involved. A low percentage of members attend either Zoom or in-person events. Communication is key to member

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