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President Arthur Kubogamell
Vice President Curt Cotner
Chris Burnett
Treasurer Mike Kurtz
Communications James Haskell
Board Member Roark Diters
Board Member Steve Mink

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Here are some of the exciting things coming for our members in 2023:

  • More in-person meetings. It will be great to see each other in person!
  • Classes. We plan to have a four-course series “Getting Through the First Year”, and a free, introductory “Becoming a Beekeeper” classes. Click here for details.
  • Social Hive Dives. We meet at a member’s apiary, work with the bees, and hang out and share some food and drink. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and get some hands-on experience. See the Calendar for more information.
  • Nucs. Club members are first in line for Nucs from the club apiary. This will be an easy way to get a healthy, established colony at a good price.
  • Club Apiary. Thanks to Steve Mink's efforts, GBA has a club apiary just south of Gilroy. We will be having regular events and classes here, as well as raising Nucs.
  • Mutual support and mentor visits.

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