Coe Park Tarantula Festival

Come to the Coe Park Tarantula Fest and rub elbows (so to speak) with some of our fuzzy, friendly eight-legged guests of honor. The event is held at the headquarters […]

General Meeting Summary, Jan 2024

General Meeting – 2 Jan 2024 Arthur: Getting bees – packages and nucs End of March. Nuc requires a Langstroth hive. Beginners: get Nucs not packages. Start looking at equipment

Santa Cruz County Fair

The Santa Cruz County Fair is just around the corner, Sept 13 – 17th. GBA always has a booth staffed with GBA volunteers. It is a great event, lots of

Scouts at the Apiary

We had a great time with Scout Troop 2799 at their visit to the GBA Apiary to earn their insect studies merit badge! They were fearless!

Of Interest

A couple of interesting links for you: Wings of Nature Bees Collaborates with Melanie Kirby. S.A.R.E. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education. Farmer-driven innovations in agriculture that improve profitability, stewardship and

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