General Meeting

Do you have questions you'd like to ask at the next General Meeting? Need some advice? Have an update you'd like to tell everyone? Or some supplies or equipment you'd like to offer to share?

Please let us know with the form below, and we will add it to the meeting agenda. Thanks!


2023 General Meeting Location

Where would you like to have our General Meetings in 2023? Please take a moment and give us your thoughts on the form below!

Please rank your preference for the location of the GBA General Meetings, with "1" being your most preferred.
On a Saturday or Sunday during the day. At the club apiary south of Gilroy on Frazier Lake Road.
A weekday evening, in the Morgan Hill Library meeting room.
A weekday evening, held in the Morgan Hill Library meeting room, and also broadcast via Zoom. You can attend in person, or via Zoom.
A weekday evening, via Zoom.

Holiday Dinner Signup

Reservations for the GBA Holiday Dinner are closed. To all of you who signed up, see you there on the evening of December 6th in Morgan Hill at Palmerino's.

35 East Main St.
Morgan Hill


Social Hive Dive – May 2022

May 22 1PM -- Social Hive Dive -- Get some hands-on experience with:
  • Hive inspection
  • Queen marking
  • Assessing colony health
Master Beekeepers Sara and Arthur will be there - ask questions! Bring a snack and beverage, and we can hang out after.
This is a members-only event. Club members will receive an email with directions to the event.  Click here to join GBA!

Club Night Oct 2021: Preparing your hives for winter

With October upon us, this month's club meeting included a presentation by our Education Committee to start thinking about preparing our hives for the winter months ahead. Great Q+A session afterwards, as well as a tempting thought to join our potluck later this month! These meetings are open to GBA members and one-time visitors. If you'd like further information, please contact us.

Winter Preparations – Oct 2021

Club Night Sept 2021: Fall issues in California

In our online education series, our Education Committee experts cover a variety of topics important for the hobby beekeeper. As a hot summer draws to a close, we took a closer look at some of the most pressing issues beekeepers face in this part of California, ranging from drought and threat of fire to predators, and how to make the last honey extraction of the season. Led by Master Beekeepers, Sara Cutrignelli and Arthur Kubogamell, these meetings are open to GBA and provide useful Q+A opportunities throughout. Thank you to Jamie Haskell for the video editing and slide show.

Honey Extraction – Sept 2021