Equipment Reservation

The club has two motorized extractors available for club members.  The largest extractor can process 12 deep or medium frames.   This extractor is radial, which means it extracts honey from […]

More Nucs!

The bees and their beekeeper helpers got busy, and we now have some additional Nucs for sale! Click here to reserve a Nuc or two! They will go fast, so

March Meetings

The Board and General Meetings were held March 5, 2024. Members: see here for meeting recordings and further information. General Meeting Swarm Catching Class Saturday, March 9th at 10AM at

Santa Cruz County Fair

The Santa Cruz County Fair is just around the corner, Sept 13 – 17th. GBA always has a booth staffed with GBA volunteers. It is a great event, lots of


Membership – become a GBA member! Getting Started – Reasons to get bees (or not), and how to get started on your beekeeping journey. Need Advice? – have a question

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