Board of Directors

President Arthur Kubogamell
Vice President Curt Cotner
Chris Burnett
Treasurer Mike Kurtz
Communications James Haskell
Board Member Roark Diters
Board Member Steve Mink

Photos and Videos



  • Tracking Growth – your hives should grow rapidly springtime. This video has some tips on counting your bees.
  • Installing a Package – an demonstration by Sara, using a dry (no bees) setup.
  • Installing a Nuc – an demonstration by Sara, using a dry (no bees) setup.


In addition to the galleries below, GBA also has a Flickr site where members can share photos of either club-related events or of their home beeyards.

Beginner Beekeeping Class (March 2021)

4-H rendering wax and making chapsticks

4-H Pest Control Day

Bee Education Day at Barrett Elementary

The GBA Bee Yard at the Gilroy FFA Farm

2019 Swarm Class

Our local 4-H Bee Team learns about catching swarms

Wine Barrel Rescue

2018 Packages and Splits Class

Bottom Board Building Class

2017 Field Hive Inspection Class

2016 field trip to assist a member with hive splitting

2016 Spring Bee Package Distribution

UC David Bee Lab visit