Hopguard is manufactured by BetaTec. BetaTec research has discovered a natural hop compound that is highly effective in combating Varroa. HopGuard® II and HopGuard 3 are scientifically-proven natural Varroa control … Continue reading Hopguard

Formic Pro

FORMIC PRO™ causes mortality to both male and female varroa under the brood cap as well as to the varroa on the adult bees. FORMIC PRO™ is to be used … Continue reading Formic Pro


Apivar is generally regarded as a safe, easy-to-use treatment option for Varroa Mites. Do not use when honey supers are present according to the USDA. The best times are early … Continue reading Apivar


Apiguard is a slow-release gel that ensures the correct dosage of its active ingredient, thymol. Thymol is a naturally occurring substance derived from the plant thyme. According to the manufacturer: … Continue reading Apiguard