Class Survey

Help us improve! How can we make our classes better? If you took a class from us over the last year, please give us some feedback.

Class Survey

2 thoughts on “Class Survey”

  1. Peggi Jewett

    Overall, I was very glad to have the classes and the experts available. I think the value was way more than the cost. Looking back on specific classes, I can’t say I was aware enough of what I should know to determine if there was anything missing. But I’d be interested in attending the classes again as I probably missed a lot of what was presented.
    Thanks for the comprehensive introduction to beekeeping!

  2. Peggy Sullivan

    I am so grateful and excited about the adopt a hive program and find these classes so helpful.
    I feel a sense of a “safe space” to learn in, I felt like I could ask any question and it would be answered with respect and curiosity. I also really appreciate Arthur and Steve have a sense of humor and like to joke around a little bit. Thanks Again, Peggy

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