COVID-19 and Gilroy Beekeepers Association gatherings

With the ‘Shelter In Place’ order in effect starting on March 17th, we are postponing until further notice the following classes:

• March 21st ‘Swarm and Splits’ class

• March 28th ‘Beginning Beekeeping Field Work’

In addition, the Gilroy Recreation Department have cancelled all activities at the Senior Center, where we hold our club meetings, until further notice. This means we will NOT have an April meeting.

As we get further updates we will plan accordingly and update GBA members in a timely manner.

In the meantime, you may be interested in this perspective from the Santa Clara Bee Guild site:

"What does shelter-in-place mean for those with apiaries in out-yards or backyards?

According to the California Health and Safety Code §120295, the order issued by the Public Health Official for Santa Clara County defines Essential Businesses that are exempt from the shelter-in-place order include those involved in food cultivation, farming, livestock, and fishing.

Being that bees are considered livestock, please continue to venture to your hives--alone--to manage your colonies."

Randy Fox
Gilroy Beekeepers Association


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