These are the main situations where you need to feed your bees:

  • You installed a nuc or package, so you want to encourage rapid growth of the hive.
  • You’ve entered the fall/winter nectar dearth, so little other food is available to the bees.
  • You want to provide assistance to a weak hive.

During the spring and summer, 1:1 syrup is the recommended best food. The ratio 1:1 means equal parts by weight of sugar and water. A quick, easy, and “close enough” way to make this is to fill your mixing vessel approx 3/4 full of granulated sugar, and then fill it with warm water. Shake or stir until all the sugar is dissolved.

  • Do not use powdered sugar. It contains cornstarch. Use granulated sugar.
  • Fill the jar 3/4 full by volume with sugar, then fill with warm water.

In the fall and winter, the recommended ratio is 2:1 sugar to water. This can easily crystallize when cold. Get as close as you can to 2:1.

1 thought on “Feeding”

  1. Arthur Kubogamell

    Pollen Substitute = Proteins, lipids, amino acids
    Main use- encourage brood production

    Sugar Syrup 1:1 or 2:1 = Carbohydrates
    Feeding Sugar Syrup – Benefits

    1:1 Helps encourage brood production = population growth
    2:1 A good alternative to boost food stores
    When to use syrup
    Building a strong population when starting with a nuc or package
    To help bolster weaker colonies
    During a nectar dearth
    Should I create a calendar and add some links??

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