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The GBA Forum is a great place to discuss any beekeeping topic or challenge. You can start a discussion, search for answers, or ask a question. You must be a current GBA member to access the Forum. After logging in, you can browse answers to questions, and you can respond to others' questions.


As with any online website such as Facebook, you are required to log on to the GBA website. Once you are logged in, you can leave comments on the GBA website pages, and access the Forum. 

  • If you check the “Remember Me” box, you will stay logged for 2 weeks as long as you keep this browser window open.
  • Click here to log in. You will now be on the login screen (see below).
  • Use your GBA registration email address - the email you receive GBA mailings to.
  • As with any website, you can easily do a password reset if you don’t remember your password.

You are now logged in to the GBA website and will be on the Forum page. You can also browse other pages on the GBA site, and add comments. 

Once you are logged in with “Remember Me”, and if you keep this web browser page open, you will stay logged in for about 2 weeks.

You can return to the Forum using either of these URLs:


The Forum page looks like this:

Each forum is composed of:

  • Sub-forums
  • Topics
  • Posts

There is one General forum having many topics and sub-forums.

Click on the circled "Forums" to display a list of sub-forums, such as:

  • General Meetings
  • I Need Help - post beekeeping questions here.
  • Alternative Hives - non-Langstroth hives.
  • Pajaro - the GBA Apiary at the OSA Pajaro site.
  • Etc.

Forums and sub-forums are category buckets - a way to loosely organize topics and posts.

The magnifying glass in the top right will search all topics and posts. For example, searching for "hopguard" will return all forums, topics, and posts mentioning "hopguard".


To explore the sub-forums in the "General" forum:

  1. Click on "Forums", which is just below the blue bar titled "General". This will show a list of all the sub-forums under "General":

Let's say you are looking to ask a beekeeping question, or just browse other questions and answers. Click on "I Need Help!". You will now see the topics under "I Need Help!":

You will see a list of topics under the sub-forum "I Need Help!" (highlighted in green):

  • Four weeks and ready to swarm - already?
  • Insulated Hives
  • First sugar water check - dead bees and concerns

Note also the navigation aid (highlighted above in yellow):

Suppose you click on one of the topics and poke around in that topic or related topics. Eventually, you want to jump back to the "General" forum.

In the navigation aid:

  • Clicking on "General"  will bring you back to all the topics under the "General" sub-forum.
  • Clicking on "I Need Help!" will bring you back to the list of all topics in the "I Need Help!" sub-forum.
  • Clicking on the Home will bring you all the way back up to the list of all forums and sub-forums.
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