GBA Classes – Give Us Your Thoughts!

In 2022, GBA presented the following four paid class sessions:

Click on the above links for details. Click here for the previous 2022 Class Registration page.

We are very interested in your thoughts and suggestions. Please take a look at the class details and write some comments.

Thank you.


One response to “GBA Classes – Give Us Your Thoughts!”

  1. Steve Mink Avatar
    Steve Mink

    I like keeping the intro free. We should another one. I found the 4 fee classes to be useful. I don’t recall if you have to be a member, but to go to the apiary, you have to be a member. The classes should require membership and maybe the price adjusted down to $50 each. I also really enjoyed the social hive dive at Sara’s when Roark showed us how to collect swarms from trees, snipping branches, shaking, collecting the ball of bees. If we needs material in fee classes, this would be a great add.

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