Your bees have been busy making honey - how do I harvest?

Join our class and find out everything you need to know about harvesting, hive products, and summer hive maintenance! This course is designed to show you how and when to harvest honey, wax and other hive products. We will also review summer hive maintenance - proper feeding and treatment. The best way to protect is to identify problems early - that's why the focus of these sessions will continue to be on identifying and eradicating common honeybee maladies such as Varroa, ants, foulbrood, and nosema.

Gilroy Beekeepers Association (GBA) has been supporting local hobby beekeepers and bringing those curious about bees together for over 20 years. Our members range from experienced beekeepers to complete newbies. Members benefit from regular meetings, access to great speakers, and training opportunities like this one - the ideal combination for learning and sharing about beekeeping.

The Harvesting and Hive Products class is a hands-on field class.

When: TBA

Location:  Location to be announced

GBA Member Instructors:  Master Beekeeper Sara Cutrignelli (UC Davis)

Cost per person: $80.00

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At the field location
Date and Location TBA

Here's your chance to get together with experienced beekeeper mentors:

  • How to do a hive inspection
  • Selecting and removing honey frames from the hive
  • Uncapping techniques
  • Loading and running the extractor
  • Wax rendering
  • Other hive products
  • Cleaning and maintaining frames and boxes

Note: each participant is expected to bring personal protective equipment (PPE) including veil, jacket, gloves and boots. PPE is available at these establishments:

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