Develop a series of  “How To” videos. A series of brief videos, each concise and on a single topic.

Proposed Videos

  • Introductory videos
  • Population Assessment
  • Creating Space For Brood

Thoughts? Please add comments below!

5 thoughts on “How To Video Series

  1. I like this idea. I would like to see something that follows the current way people seek out video instruction: Just enough, just for me, just in time (15-20 min long)
    In this way it doesn’t replace the classes the GBA offers (which are really good).

    1. I thought about that (reducing the demand for classes)… I don’t think a video series will significantly reduce the appeal of the classes. The classes are interactive, with more comprehensive and in depth material. And they all have an in-person field day… A video vs. a class is kinda like going out to eat via Zoom.

  2. Jamie ended a paragraph above with… we can close with…
    To me, this is pretty key. We should be clear about the next step or steps. “If this video was useful, share it with a friend, join the GBA, sign up for GBA classes, or consider the Adopt A Hive program and experience bees with other beekeepers.”
    Just like a video should have a purpose, it should offer a next step.

  3. Videos to shoot on Friday:

    1. 1. Population Assessment
    2. 2. Creating Space For Brood


    • – There should be something in front of these, answering “Why do this?”, before we get into “How to do this”.
    • – This could be a “Spring Hive Health” ordered series. “Springtime for Bees”. Title?
    • – We incorporate some material from the previous classes.
    • – That doesn’t mean we can’t shoot and develop the two above. We don’t have to shoot or produce in order. But I think we should publish in order, so it’s very easy for people to logically follow along, and absorb and use the materials.
    • – Make the videos concise, interesting and informative, with only a single topic or thought.
    • – We can close with “go to the GBA website for more info”, and promote other GBA classes, the Apiary, etc.


    • – Where are we probably doing this? Bright sunlight, or shade?
    • – Arthur: Please put together a script outline. Let’s make sure we shoot everything needed for the videos.
    • – Let me know when to meet you at Pajaro Friday.

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