Create and deliver classes. Potential audiences:

  • The general public, to generate interest in honeybees, beekeeping, and pollinators. People are very curious about bees and pollinators, and what is inside those white boxes they see on the side of the road. 
  • People interested in having hives, to help them get started with beekeeping. Spring is the time to jump into beekeeping. How can I do that? What is involved? What is the commitment?


  • Educate the public on honeybees, pollinators, and pollinator-friendly plants.
  • Foster new beekeepers, emphasizing the climate, environment, and unique challenges of South Santa Clara Valley.
  • Income for GBA.



  • Materials (slides and handouts) for previous courses must be reviewed and updated if necessary.
  • New classes will require a significant amount of time to develop.


  • Classes held at Pajaro will require a portable bathroom.
  • The club may choose to charge for some classes to generate income.


Previous Classes

The following classes were given in 2022. Course materials are fully developed.

  • Becoming a Beekeeper - Introductory online class. Covers necessary equipment and financial commitment. Given multiple times in the fall, winter, and early spring.
  • Beginning Beekeeping - Online class and a field class. Necessary equipment, hive setup, and installing bees.   March
  • Helping Your Hives Thrive and Grow - Online class and a field class. Hive health, expected growth, feeding, IPM and pest management, and honey supers.   May
  • Harvesting and Hive Products - Field class only.  Selecting frames to harvest, de-capping, extraction, wax rendering, and products, propolis.   June
  • Reducing Stress On Your Hives - Online class and a field class.  Covers the common stressors for your bees – food, water, heat, and pests, and how to mitigate them.  July

1 thought on “Classes”

  1. Linda K Bendall

    My name is Linda Bendall and I’m a facilitator with the Monterey Military Homeschool Community. I would love to sign our students up for a Becoming a Beekeeper class. Or if you offer a in-person educational class on the benefits of bees that would also be fantastic. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you.

    Thank you,
    Linda Bendall

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