July News

Members Picnic!

Penny has generously offered her yard for a hive dive and members picnic on July 23rd. GBA members will receive details via email.


  • The Pajaro Apiary is looking good! Many thanks to Steve Mink and all the members who have helped get the site cleaned up and bee-friendly. We have two top-bar hives and a number of Langstroth hives at the Apiary. Check out our Facebook page and group for photos and comments. About 10 members came to the Mentor Training at the Apiary on July 3rd. Arthur and Sara supervised a split.
  • The next general meeting is Aug 9th, NOT the first Tuesday – Aug 2! It will be in-person at the Morgan Hill Library at 7PM.


  • Our next paid class is “Reducing Stress On Your Hives” on Wednesday, July 27th at 7PM via Zoom, and a Field Class on Saturday, July 30th at 8AM. Click here for more information.

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