March Meetings

March Meeting Notes

The Board and General Meetings were held March 5, 2024. Members: see here for meeting recordings and further information.

General Meeting

Swarm Catching Class
  • Saturday, March 9th at 10AM at the Apiary.
  • Send us an email if you want to be on the Swarm Removal list:
Apiary Events
  • April 6th is the target date for picking up Nucs.
  • We will be at the Apiary many times before then preparing Nucs. See Events for dates and details.
  • We will be working on Nucs and splits on Saturday, March 9th at 10AM.
  • Scouting events at the Apiary on March 23 and April 6 at noon. See Events for dates and details.
  • Keep an eye on your bees to make sure they are not filling up brood nest areas with honey.
  • Keep an eye on water issues in your hives with recent rains.
  • Swarming has already started.
  • We will be doing splits at the Apiary on Friday, March 8th. Come out if you’d like to learn how.
  • Sustainable Apiary by Michael Palmer.
  • If your hive needs more room, and all frames are full, add a super. Make sure to give your bees space when they need it.
  • Some discussion on frames – making your own with wax foundation vs. using prebuilt foundation or plastic frames.
    • It is very risky to use empty frames… the comb will be fragile and easily fall out of the frame. And they may build crazy comb which is very difficult to maintain.
  • Extended Release OA
    • Instructions and recipe.
    • Absorbent pads are available from Amazon here, but Swedish Dishcloths are a less expensive choice if you’re just make a few doses.
    • Club members have extra pads and OA… reach out to fellow members or send an email to
  • Drone comb removal.
  • Wax moths
    • Top bar hives
      • Use a follower board, and remove empty frames.
    • BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) work for wax moth larvae.
      • Does not hurt bees or bee larvae.
      • Very effective for wax moths.
      • Available at local hardware stores.
  • Swarms are happening.
  • Roark is a great resource for swarm catching and removal.
  • Penny lost all her hives over the winter, and offered to host anyone else’s hives.

Board Meeting

  • Review and approval of previous minutes.
    • Unfinished business
      • Review of financials.
      • Porta-potty at Apiary.
  • Financials (Mike):
    • Review of last year’s financials.
      • Ended last year with a surplus.
    • Tentative budget prepared for this year, but no financials yet.
  • Swarm List
    • Art Hall and Eric Stang can do cutouts.
    • Rachel Taylor has been active.
  • Steve will see if we can get our porta-potty by Saturday.
  • Curt welcomes help for the Scouting events.
    • GBA members could bring their kids out on April 6 – there’s not many kids currently involved.

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