Here’s some of the exciting things coming for our members in 2022:

  • Return of in-person meetings, COVID allowing. It will be great to see each other in person!
  • Expanded classes. We have a four-course series “Getting Through the First Year”, and a free, introductory “Becoming a Beekeeper” class. Click here for details.
  • Social Hive Dives. We meet at a member’s apiary, work with the bees, and hang out and share some food and drink. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and get some hands-on experience. See the Calendar for more information.
  • Nucs. We plan on selling a limited number of Nucs to club members. This will be an easy way to get a healthy, established colony at a good price.
  • Mentor Program. We will continue the Mentor program that started last year. Have an issue with your hives, or unsure about what to do next? Reach out to the club and schedule a Mentor visit.

Join us! Please become a GBA member!