GBA is proud to announce that we will be offering a limited number of nucs for sale to our members.

  • The nucs are 5-frame healthy, treated, nucs in a Pro Nuc box.
  • Each nuc comes with a laying queen, workers, food stores, eggs, larvae, and capped brood.
  • Price is $245.00 each, limit two per member.
  • Nucs are tentatively available for pickup in late February to March, weather dependent.


  • Sales are limited to current GBA members only, limit 2.
  • Nucs cannot be opened for inspection on the day of pick-up.
  • Have your transfer hive and equipment ready before pick-up.
  • The nuc must be installed immediately after pick-up. If it’s your first time the GBA strongly recommends attending the "Beekeeping for Beginners" class to ensure the success of your colony. Please check our website in February for class schedules.
  • Please return the ProNuc box to GBA promptly.