GBA Members:

We will have Nucs again next spring! Click here to reserve a Nuc or two!


4 responses to “Nucs!”

  1. Crystal Harney Avatar
    Crystal Harney

    Hi. I would like to reserve a Nuc hive for spring 2024 if it not too late. Please inform as to how I might reserve on.

    1. James Haskell Avatar
      James Haskell

      Sorry, we are currently sold out of GBA Nucs. We may have additional in spring… if we do, it will be announced to all current GBA members via our regular club emails.

    2. Steve Mink Avatar
      Steve Mink

      Crystal, if you are still looking, the GBA just opened up sales for a second round of NUCs available about May 1. Order today before they sell out.

    3. James Haskell Avatar
      James Haskell

      We just released a second round of Nucs for delivery later in April. Please go here: to order.

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