Master Beekeepers and GBA members - Sara Cutrignelli (UC Davis) and Arthur Kubogamell (Cornell) - designed our new class for beginner and curious beekeepers to find out what they need to get started. The first part of the program was delivered via Zoom to go over the nuts and bolts, and to prepare for the second part, the hands-on practice with live bees! With no prior experience necessary, this course was designed to help anyone new to beekeeping gain confidence to care for their own bees.

Our in-field morning was hosted by additional mentors Roark Diters and Jamie Haskell, providing for several small, socially-spaced groups to learn how to open hives and learn how to tell apart the different cell castes, identify brood cells and honey storage cells and more.

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Seminar Details

Day 1: online
Saturday March 20

Join experienced and master beekeepers from the comfort of your computer for the first in our two-part course. You will hear and see:

  • Why keep bees...not just for the honey
  • Basic bee biology and life cycle
  • Choosing which bees are best for you and how to install them
  • Local regulations and hive placement
  • Protective equipment needed (before next session!)
  • Pest issues

Note: attendance at this online class is a prerequisite to the practical class the following week.

Day 2: at the bee yard
Saturday, March 27

Here's your chance to put into practice what you have learned the previous week. Get together with experienced beekeeper mentors and find out how to:

  • Properly wear all protective equipment
  • Use all tools
  • Learn how to open the hives
  • Recognize each of the bee castes (queen, drone, worker) cells
  • Identify brood cells, honey storage cells, capped and uncapped cells
  • Look for pests

Note: don't delay! Each participant is expected to bring personal protective equipment (PPE) including veil, jacket, gloves and boots, to this class.