Rain doesn’t deter the San Martin 4-H meeting

Our local 4-H junior beekeepers were so happy to get together in person after all this time, they weren't going to let the weather prevent them from having a great meeting!

In the words of their 4-H adult sponsor and Gilroy Beekeepers Association member, Sara Cutrignelli:

"Today our project was finally able to meet in person once again. With the excitement of seeing the bees come out of overwintering, we were anticipating a fun day of hive inspections and splits. Unfortunately, the rain put a hault to that. Instead we quickly changed focus to an impromptu wax rendering and chapstick-making meeting. There was a short break in the rain during our time together which allowed us to take a quick walk through the apiary. The bees decided to take the opportunity to go outside as well, so we were able to see them active during the visual inspection. We look forward to next month to get our suits back on and open up the hives."

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