Reducing Stress On Your Hives – Suggestions and Feedback

Presented Wednesday evening in late July.
Click here to see the description from 2022.

Session 1 - Online via Zoom

Nutritional Stress

  • Insufficient food stores
  • How to check
  • Syrup
  • Pollen substitute

Session 2 - Field Class

Description from 2022:

Here's your chance to put into practice what you have learned the previous week. Get together with experienced beekeeper mentors and find out how to:

  • Properly wear all protective equipment
  • Use all tools
  • How to light and use your smoker
  • How to open a hive
  • Recognize each of the bee castes (queen, drone, worker) cells
  • Identify brood cells, honey storage cells, capped and uncapped cells
  • How to install bee packages and nucs
  • Look for pests

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