Support Pollinators

How can I support honeybees and native pollinators?

Plant a pollinator garden   Bees and other pollinators struggle to find enough food in the summer and fall.  If you provide the right plants in your garden, you will be helping them tremendously.  We even have plant recommendations for the patio or deck of an apartment or condo.

Follow best practices for weed and pest control  The sprays we use to control insect pests and weeds can be extremely harmful to bees and other pollinators.   There are things you can do to greatly reduce the impact of the sprays you use.

Make your lawn pollinator friendly  If you change how and what you grow in your lawn, your lawn can become a great food source for pollinators.

Support local beekeeping  You can encourage beekeeping in your area by buying honey from local beekeepers.  There are also several ways you can get involved with local beekeepers to learn about bees and promote beekeeping.

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