Survey Results – General Meeting Location

Here are the results of the survey on the preferred location for General Meetings:

Location Score
GBA Apiary 79
Morgan Hill Libary 49
Morgan Hill Library & Zoom Broadcast 65
Zoom 50


  • There is interest in meeting at the Apiary, and at the Libary. Perhaps we have some meetings at both locations, weather-dependent?
  • There are a significant number of people who can only meet via Zoom.
  • There were 43 responses.

Survey Comments

“I am a fairly new member – the Library would be great (it’s nice to meet folks face to face) – and zoom is also helpful in a pinch.  thank you.”
“My first preference is GBA apiary on Saturdays only, unavailable on Sundays”
“Tuesday evening is a good time for me.”
“Life conspires. Though I look forward to in-person meetings, I need a zoom option too please. “
“Would rather have weekday evening meetings to keep weekends and daytime free.  Occasional apiary meetings are ok.”
“I live in Santa Cruz on the “other side” of the Santa Cruz Mountains, so Zoom meetings are unfortunately the only meetings I am able to attend, but totally understand why folks would prefer coming in person.”
“During Covid, and because I live pretty far away near Moss Landing, the zoom meetings were great and a good way to enjoy guest speakers.”
“Maybe during the “winter” months, a heated indoor location would be better, and during the later spring to fall months at the GBA Apiary on either Sat or Sun.  Since I live in Gilroy, the Apiary location is close, but maybe for folks from MH and north, this may be a distance.  Also, note, Sunday afternoons Hwy 101 North traffic can become very slow at times (depending on when you plan to have a Sun meeting).  Just my 2 cents.  I plan to rejoin soon….”
“Gilroy library would be my no. 1 preference for meetings.”
“I have an “in” with the Morgan Hill Grange, I recommend we attend there. It has a large area, kitchen if we need it, and is available. I also have access to the Gilroy Grange, but it is not a nice and historic as the Morgan Hill location on 4th between Monterey and Depot avenues. I suggest that – the Library is ok, but the Grange is better.
Zoom is convenient, but should be used less, as it prevents interaction.”
“There is no “4” drop down option in mobile, but the apiary would be my “4” as with three kids, Saturdays and Sundays are packed with kid activities.
Thank you for asking! That’s super kind. :)”
“I would just like to go back to in-person meetings. Having them at the apiary will always make for an interactive hands-on experience rather than always finding a speaker (which Arthur does great with). I do not want to do meetings over zoom. We have lost our members due to zoom (my opinion). I want to interact in person and to know each other and talk about what everyone is doing rather than sit in on a zoom and wait to be called on.
However…If er find a really fascinating speaker, then zoom would be a good use, but I am also for consistency with our meeting days and times. Perhaps we could have an annual schedule posted on the website for the public that shows the locations of all meetings in the case that we use different days.”
“It’s nice to rotate venue throughout the year, not have one fixed; that way you’ll satisfy most folks’ wishes.  Personally I live far from Morgan HIll/Gilroy, so having a zoom option is very handy; BUT I love a ‘reason’ to come to the GBA Apiary.
Thank you for asking.”
“I like meeting in person but often Zoom is required or the meeting would be skipped”
“February -July apiary the rest zoom!”
“Hi There –  I would love an in-person/hybrid meeting as my first preference – I have a really good Blue Yeti mic and would be willing to help with Tech to make a hybrid meeting happen.  Note: I already have a monthly board meeting held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month so please pick the first Tuesday of the month (if you can) so that I can participate!  Thanks for your consideration!”
“We’re in Hollister and would love to meet at the apiary but can’t do Sundays and only end up free 1 Saturday or so a month (too many kid activities).
Morgan Hill is just too far for us to travel on a worknight as Scott leaves for work at 4:30 AM and can’t stay up late.”
“We live out in the country where internet service can be too slow for zoom…”


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