If you suspect a honey bee swarm or colony has taken up residence where they’re not welcome, you’ve come to the right place! Don’t panic, there are experts who can help safely remove bees without harming the bees whenever possible.

The Gilroy Beekeepers Association has members trained in swarm capture, as well as specialists who deal with more complex colony removals. Please call a beekeeper closest to your location for help with a swarm.

If You Have Bees in a Wall, Attic or Other Structure

Structural Removal Specialists:

The following specialists are experienced, licensed and insured:

Eric Stang (*)  –  for San Jose, North Santa Clara County, and North San Mateo County

(*) Please be aware that specialists may charge a fee depending on the situation.

If you are unable to quickly make direct contact with someone in your area, leave a message and continue calling through the list until you find someone to assist. Please do not attempt to spray or douse the cluster as you may injure the bees or cause unnecessary commotion.