Santa Cruz County Fair

Another Santa Cruz Fair is completed, and it was a HUGE success!  Our booth in the Bug Barn looked fantastic – lots of photographs of Club members, 2 observation hives, and a wealth of knowledge shared with the eager public. At one point on Saturday we had over 9000 visitors thru the exhibit!!
But the key to this success was our great volunteers. I would like to personally thank those who made this happen!
  • John Peck    
  • Mike Kurtz
  • Ed Massey
  • Diana Galvin
  • Andreas Olbring
  • Steve Mink
  • Bruce Morasca
  • Manuel Brum
  • Stephannie Elle
  • Arthur & Christine Kubogamell
  • Peggy Sullivan
  • Brian Lane
  • Clara Kim
  • Jaime & Zana Haskell
  • Mark & Katie Garrison
  • (and  20,000 bees in the observation hives ! )
Without the effort of these people promoting the art of beekeeping, expanding our Clubs footprint and passion for sharing knowledge, this event would not have been possible.
Again, a heartfelt thanks to ALL the volunteers for a great job!!
See you next year at the Fair!
Roark Diters 

Class Follow-Up

Thank you for taking the "You've Getting Your Bees - Now What?" class from GBA. We are very interested in how you and your bees are doing, and if we can provide any assistance or answer any questions.

Please send us a couple of photos at the following times:

  • 2 weeks after installing your bees.
  • 1 month after installing your bees.
  • 2 months after installing your bees.

We are here to help! Check the box on the form if you'd like Arthur or Sara to reach out to you. Happy successful beekeeping!

Here's a sample of the photos we're looking for:

Class Followup



Follow Up

Would you like Arthur or Sara to contact you? Do you have questions or concerns?
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
Please upload a photo of your hive. Please show the full hive and stand.
Hive Frames
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Please upload a photo with the lid off looking down onto the frames.

Any additional comments or concerns.