Getting Started


Now for the first big challenge – how do I put bees into my brand new, shiny hives? This is your first big challenge. Hopefully, you’ve watched all the videos […]


Scientific Beekeeping – Randy Oliver’s site. This is a very good, pragmatic resource for issues relevant to our climate and locale. He is up in Grass Valley, CA. California Master

Things That Can Go Wrong

As with farming or raising livestock, there are pests and diseases that can affect your hive’s health. Researchers are learning more about bee health every day. Please invest some time


Winter-Jan Talk to your neighbors!! It’s scary and tough, but it’s important to get your neighbors on board in advance. Read beginner books. Take our classes. Get your hive ready

Working With Your Bees

Bees are hardwired to dislike and attack bears and other furry creatures that tend to raid their hives for honey. So, don’t dress like a bear: Wear light or white-colored


Approximate budget (2024): Suit and gloves $100-250 Smoker & fuel $40-65 Hive stand $0-100  10 frame beginner kits $200-250 Misc $100 Bees $200-300 Total $700-1100 A great, lower cost alternative

Getting Started

Reasons to NOT get bees You will get stung. Expense (see below for an example budget). Requires a time commitment, especially when the weather is good. Physical – hive boxes

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