Club Night: How to make a healthy hive

The club agreed to hold more virtual meetings including an ongoing education series on making a healthy hive. The series will cover topics such as basic hive assessment techniques, queen status, nutrition, common summer pests/diseases, tools, and hive configuration and how all of this works in the process of keeping your bees healthy and productive. Members are invited to attend the Zoom meetings. For details please contact us.

Arthur Kubogamell presented the latest in the series with "Assessing the Health of Your Hive":

Sara Cutrignelli, Master Beekeeper

We are thrilled to share these videos about our very own Sara Cutrignelli, Master Beekeeper and Co-Chair of our Education Committee.

In conversation with her daughter Floriana, who created the videos, Sara explains how to install bee packages. The first video is a brief introduction and why beekeeping is so important to the Cutrignelli family. Check out the website for more information.

The second video is from a live session on Facebook, where Sara shows us two ways to install bee packages. Bees meet queens!