• Membership - become a GBA member!
  • Getting Started - Reasons to get bees (or not), and how to get started on your beekeeping journey.
  • Need Advice? - have a question about your hives? Submit it here.
  • Hive Health - nutrition and pests, including Varroa control methods.
  • Save the Environment - ways to support pollinators and the local environment, including:
    • Lists of pollinator friendly plants suitable for our local climate.
    • Ways to support local beekeepers and honeybees.
    • Adopt A Hive - get some experience working with bees at the GBA's apiary.
  • Vocabulary - look up that beekeeper-y lingo here.
  • Hive Registration and Ordinances - check your local ordinances about beehives.
  • Useful Information and References - an extensive list of beekeeping and pollinator references.
  • Apiary - an overview of the GBA club Apiary.

Getting Started – Resources




Where To Get Advice


  • This document is written for beekeeping in South Santa Clara County, California. There are dates and resources specific to this area.
  • This set of pages references your “hive” (singular), but there are many good reasons to start with two hives.