Getting Started – Schedule


As Soon as Possible

  • Talk to your neighbors!! It’s scary and tough, but it’s important to get your neighbors on board in advance.
  • Read beginner books.
  • Take our classes.
  • Get your hive ready – fully assembled and painted.
  • Locate and set up your hive on the hive stand. Bees need water – think about where they will drink. If you provide a good water source, they won’t be inclined to fly over to your neighbor’s pool or fountains.
  • Study/rehearse the bee installation method (package or nuc).


  • Get ready.
  • Get all your stuff, and place the hive on your sturdy hive stand.
  • Test drive your gear and the smoker.
  • Arrange for a mentor if you want help with installing your bees.
  • Order your package / nuc(s).


  • Get a package or nuc and install into the hive.
  • Start feeding.


  • Hive inspections


  • Adding more room using “supers”.
  • Harvesting honey.