The Game of Drones – Julia Mahood

Our entertaining guest speaker in March spoke about her passion for drones and drones and how she came to create her DCA map project. Master Beekeeper, Julia Mahood, has been keeping bees since 2004 at her home in Atlanta, Georgia, and has long been fascinated by the secret life of drones. After frustrating failures to locate DCAs using the helium balloon method, she devised a method using an UAV. Julia is active in the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association and the Georgia Beekeepers Association. In 2018, she was named the GBA Beekeeper of the Year. Julia teaches beekeeping at Lee Arrendale State Prison, the largest women’s prison in Georgia, through the GBA/UGA prison beekeeping program.

The video presentation is available for members only. Please contact us for details.


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