Wax Moth

Wax Moths can aggressively infest unused equipment, especially frame with comb. Store your extra equipment outdoors where there is plenty of fresh air. Don’t stack frames with comb… leave them in an upright hive box so air can easily flow between the frames. Or put your frames in the freezer for several days to kill any moths, eggs and larvae, and then keep them in air-tight bags.  Adding a teaspoon of para-moth crystals to the air-tight bag will give you added protection.

If you can’t store your extra equipment outdoors, you can lightly spray the frames with BT (bacillus thuringiensis).  This an organic bacterial spray that kills the Wax Moth larvae.  You can safely use this on your stored comb, and you can also spray it on the bottom tray of your screened bottom board if you see Wax Moth there.

A healthy hive can defend itself from Wax Moth as long as you don’t give the bees more space than they can protect.  This is why we recommend not adding additional boxes until the existing boxes are 80% used.

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